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22 November 2009 @ 01:17 am
i like to consider myself someone with a high level of empathy.
however, i cannot understand, nor remotely comprehend, the behaviour of some people. people who do shit like leave their "friend" (terse friendship aside) alone in the middle of a dangerous area because they got kicked out, and you don't want to leave yet. or people who constantly abuse friendships- ignore and belittle people until they want something.

i cannot fathom how people can be honestly so cruel to each other.
like racism. i understand it, i see it, but i just can't work out how it could possibly exist. how can people be so far gone from humanity?

ok. yes, people piss me off. some people piss me off a lot. i can dislike people, or at least how they behave and interact with others. but i cannot reach that level of apathy towards the quality of someone's life, like i see other people do. this is something that genuinely fills me with rage. i'm not even going to say "why can't we all just get along?" because, to be honest, i get why we can't. i just don't understand why we have to treat others so cruelly because of it.
19 October 2009 @ 10:41 pm
i've always been a fixer. well, i try.
but, increasingly, the problems i want to fix are too far beyond my control.
it kills me.
13 August 2009 @ 12:53 am
i would usually be asleep by now-
but tonight, i am not.
i point out the obvious.

why am i still here
i don't mean this
but literally

why am i here on my computer,
and not swept away
in a glorious slumber,
snoring loudly.

i have eaten too much sugar today
or just too much altogether

i have done too little
of anything at all

is this why i am still here?
i am awake
i am an insomniac


i have done nothing
with my day
and thus

my body has been fooled
"ha! it cannot be bed time when there has been no day!
you cannot trick me!"

my body is too clever for it's own good
and so i am awake,
i am an insomniac


i cannot sleep.
well, obviously.
30 July 2009 @ 09:24 pm
ever fallen in love with someone you shouldn't have fallen in love with?
24 July 2009 @ 02:50 pm
OMG OMG OMG ski trip was AMAZING
for those of you not familiar with australia- yes, we get snow in winter. not where i live, but further south in our mountain range. i went on a ski trip and because it has been such a cold winter, the snow was fresh powder already and then it actually snowed while we were there which never happens! amazing, amazing, and i only really stacked once and that wasn't my fault. woooooooooo best holiday.
how are you all?
26 May 2009 @ 07:48 pm
iiiiiii am going to see ac/dc live. wooooooot!
also, this will be two years in a row i'm at a concert on the 22 feb.
feeling: excitedexcited
25 May 2009 @ 08:15 pm
The Presets
For electro/dance/rock/indie fun. Guaranteed to get a dancefloor pumping.
Sounds like: Daft Punk, Ladytron, Digitalism, Does It Offend You Yeah?
See also: Cut Copy, PNAU, Van She, Grafton Primary
Listen to: My People, Yippiyo-Ay, Are You the One?

Architecture in Helsinki
Indie/pop/alternative and very quirky.
Sounds like: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Belle and Sebastian, The Go! Team
See also: The Grates
Listen to: That Beep, Imaginary Ordinary, Wishbone

Josh Pyke
Acoustic guitar, soothing voice, great lyrics.
Sounds like: Ben Harper, Jack Johnson, Bob Evans, The Panics
See also: Bernard Fanning, Angus & Julia Stone, Xavier Rudd
Listen to: Make You Happy (amazing video clip), Middle of the Hill, Vibrations in Air

John Butler Trio
Acoustic, alternative, hippy =]
Sounds like: Newton Faulkner, Ben Harper, Pete Murray
See also: Powderfinger, The Beautiful Girls
Listen to: Used to Get High, Peaches & Cream, Zebra

The Living End
Punk rock with a double bass.
Sounds like: Green Day, Anti-Flag, Billy Talent
See also: Grinspoon, Gyroscope, Karnivool
Listen to: Roll On, West End Riot, Black Cat, Prisoner of Society

Little Birdy
Rock, indie, female vocalist.
Sounds like: Garbage, Killing Heidi, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, George
See also: Something for Kate, Machine Gun Fellatio
Listen to: This Is a Love Song, Come On Come On, Beautiful to Me

Kate Miller-Heidke
Classically trained singer goes pop. Dancey, fun, quirky.
Sounds like: Charlotte Sometimes, Lisa Mitchell, Katy Perry
See also: Clare Bowditch, Sarah Blasko
Listen to: Can't Shake It, Make It Last, The Truth

Ben Lee
Indie, pop, alternative. One of "The Bens" with Ben Kweller and Ben Folds. On another note, he used to date Clare Danes.
Sounds like: Ben Folds, Pete Murray, Jason Mraz
See also: Alex Lloyd, Bob Evans
Listen to: Catch My Disease, Gamble Everything For Love, All In This Together, Cigarettes Will Kill You

If anyone would like to hear more of any of these artists or similar, let me know and I will upload for you!
23 April 2009 @ 11:56 pm
aerodynamically, the bee is unable to fly.
no one ever told the bee.
02 April 2009 @ 05:13 pm